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YALIVTA is and active wear brand that focuses on providing the dance community with comfortable, fashion forward performance wear. YALIVTA was created to encourage you to do what you love.

Josipa Granic, founder, creative director and mother of 3 beautiful young dancers discovered a need for good quality, classically inspired dancewear with a modern edge that could translate well with children, but that she could also see herself wearing. Josipa’s 3 daughters are named Yasmina, Olivia and Tatiana and where the acronym YALIVTA came from. 

It sounds like ‘You Live To’. Yalivta dream, Yalivta love, Yalivta dance – encouraging you to live a life doing what you love!

DANI Unitard Jr.


DANI Unitard Jr.


DANI Unitard Jr.


The Dani Knit Unitard is the warm up essential, made of our soft, ribbed Yalivta 100% cotton knit fabric. A classic, but updated ribbed knit full piece designed for movement. Incredibly soft and luxurious the Dani Unitard will keep your muscles warm while feeling weightless during those early morning dance classes. Wear it as a full piece or roll it half way it will sit comfortably while you move.

Product ID: YAL124
Made in Hong Kong
100% Cotton
Care Instructions: Hand Wash Cold Lay Flat to Dry
Notes on Sizing

  • Kids Sizes Range from 4-12

  • Denoted by 0,1,2,3 on the Product Tag

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