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YALIVTA is and active wear brand that focuses on providing the dance community with comfortable, fashion forward performance wear. YALIVTA was created to encourage you to do what you love.

Josipa Granic, founder, creative director and mother of 3 beautiful young dancers discovered a need for good quality, classically inspired dancewear with a modern edge that could translate well with children, but that she could also see herself wearing. Josipa’s 3 daughters are named Yasmina, Olivia and Tatiana and where the acronym YALIVTA came from. 

It sounds like ‘You Live To’. Yalivta dream, Yalivta love, Yalivta dance – encouraging you to live a life doing what you love!

GForce Custom "Squad Up" Tracksuit

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GForce Custom "Squad Up" Tracksuit

GFORCE Group Shot Tracksuits.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 1.42.35 PM.png
GFORCE Group Shot Tracksuits.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 1.42.35 PM.png

GForce Custom "Squad Up" Tracksuit


GFORCE Custom “Squad UP” Track Suit $150

Squad UP and slip into your very own GFORCE team track suit complete with your own name on it.  Our GFORCE “Squad UP” track suit is made from 100% brushed polyester high quality and comfy. It’s sleek and fitted but stretchy and breathable fabric. It was designed so that we could rehearse and perform our dance and gymnastics moves and it also keeps our muscles warm before and after any athletic activities. Sometimes we coordinate wearing it just because it looks fierce and makes us feel unstoppable! Add it to your Christmas or Birthday wish list and be sure to tag us if you post a pic in it so we can welcome you to the squad haha!  

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